"Where virtual meet real and vice versa. Exploring videogames design, serious games, metaverses, gamification, augmented reality, open data and vizualization ..."

This experimental blog is about my interests and explorations concerning the social and individual impacts of technologies and vice-versa with an emphasis on "Metaverses" and gamification.

Why this blog title?

I'm a French guy born during the Appolo missions, and like the Star Trek ongoing mantra, I naturally believed that Space was "the final frontier". After a Master in Astrophysics followed by six years working in an Observatory and Planetarium, I realized that the promises of Space exploration would never reach mainstream in our lifetime, if ever (I latter followed a carrier in education and software engineering).

Worst, I completely missed the emergence of new "worlds" at the turn of 21st century: the Metaverses. Wronging called "virtuals worlds" because of their digital substrate they nevertheless catalyze real humans interactions and already have sizable impacts on our society for the better or the worst.

Surprisingly and unlike other explorations landmarks very few non-users educated people are aware of their nature and often even their existence.

Metaverses are todays final frontier. They already have a huge impact and they are here to stay. This blog aims to "educate" and explore the potentials and dangers of these persistent transversal worlds where the constraint of space and time has been transcended. I will particularly try to focus on what we can learn from them in particular in the recent field of gamification.